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One Mind Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy

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Wooden Dummy Eight Chopping Knives Six and Half Pole
Wooden Dummy Chum Kiu Hands Drills

About Ving Tsun Martial Arts

The earliest known mentions of Ving Tsun date to the period of Red Boat Opera.The common legend as told by Yip Man involves the young woman Yim Wing-chun, (Ving Tsun literally means 'forever springtime' or 'praising spring') at the time after the destruction of the Southern Shaolin Temple and its associated temples by the Qing government.

After Ving Tsun rebuffs the local warlord's marriage offer, she says she'll reconsider his proposal if he can beat her in a martial art match. She soon crosses paths with a Buddhist nun--Ng Mui, who was one of the Shaolin Sect survivors, and asks the nun to teach her boxing. The legend goes that Ng Mui taught Yim Wing Chun a new system of martial art that had been inspired by Ng Mui's observations of a confrontation between a Snake and a Crane; this then-still nameless style enabled Yim Wing Chun to beat the warlord in a one-on-one fight. Yim Wing-Chun there-after marries Leung Bac-Chou and teaches him the style, which is later named after her.

Since the system was developed during the Shaolin and Ming resistance to the Qing Dynasty, many legends about the creator of Ving Tsun were spread to confuse enemies, including the story of Yim Wing Chun. This perhaps explains why no one has been able to accurately determine the creator or creators of Ving Tsun.


Forms :

1. Siu Nim Tao 2. Chum Kiu 3. Biu Tze

Weapons :

1. 6.5 Pole 2. Wooden Dummy 3. Eight Chopping Knives

Drills :

1. Sticky Hand 2. Free Fight 3. Kicking

Speciality of Ving Tsun

1. Ving Tsun is designed as a practical, natural fighting method, we use our body structure, joint movements to operate an instance defence and attack.

2. Ving Tsun training starts from the basic and process gradually into advance level depends on the individual's progress. It all begins from the basic skill, gradually extent further to the whole set of exercise which involved with our whole body.

3. Ving Tsun Fighting method can be used for defence and attack in the same time, for example, amongst the basic steps, 'Chi Sau' (sticky hands) fight could brings out the human's natural reaction. Gradually keeps us having fast physical responses.

4. Inside Ving Tsun fighting method, it combines with strength and tenderness fighting styles, provides fast, sufficient instant responsiveness.

5. In Ving Tsun training method, it all based on the flexible waist movements, hence, Ving Tsun is not just only a fighting skill, but it is a type of exercise for human well-being.

6. Ving Tsun fighting skills always focus onto the body central line in terms of process the quickest attack and defence. This centralisation fighting method is always using face to face with the opponent whilst fighting proceeds.

7. During the Ving Tsun training, keeping our 'Peaceful Mind' from the basic form of 'Siu Lim Tau' (little idea) is very important too, we could be trained having a peaceful, relaxing mind during the training, to enjoy relaxing moment and keep away the stress in our daily life.

Ving Tsun Family Linkage
Grandmaster Yip Man
Yip Man and Bruce Lee

Mr. Yip Man (1st Oct 1893 - 2nd Dec 1972), grew up in a wealthy family in Foshan, Guangdong, and received a traditional Chinese education. Later on he immigrated to Hong Kong and started to teach Ving Tsun Martial Arts in 1950. He also brought up many well-known Ving Tsun students, such as Wong Shun Leung, Bruce Lee, Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Yip Bo Ching. Contemporary, Yip's students followed his wish, to expand Ving Tsun spiritual internationally. In 1967, Yip and some of his students established the Ving Tsun Athletic Association.

Wong Shun Leung
Wong Shun Leung

Mr. Wong Shun Leung (8th May 1935 - 28th Jan 1997) was coached by Mr.Yip Man as well as one of the top rank students. Wong Shun Leung is a grandmaster, he was also famously named as 'Gong Sau Wong' - King of Talking Hands. Wong adored Martial Art in his very young age. In the past, he made a huge contribution in Ving Tsun Martial Art, as well as proven the valuation of Ving Tsun philosophy. Mr. Wong Shun Leung passed on his valuable technique of fighting to his students, a film was produced by Wong , 'Wing Chun: The science of in-fighting' in terms of promote the speciality of Wing Chun fighting technique.

Yuen Yim Keung
Sifu Tommy Yuen

Mr. Tommy Yuen (28th Nov 1945 - 7th Apr 2010) loves Martial Art and was coached by Wong Shun Leung. He was appointed as an instructor in a Martial Art school in 1972. He had ever told me that he spent more than eight years learning the Baat Jaam Do (Eight Chopping Knives) from Wong Shun Lueng. Sifu Yuen kept following grandmaster Wong Shun Leung for more than 30 years. In 1978, Sifu Yuen represented Mr.Wong Shun Lueng for the World Kick Boxing contest in Japan, and continuously attended other international boxing contests in Taiwan.

Gary Lam

Mr. Gary Lam began Karate training when he was 15 years old, he obtained the first degree of 'black belt' in 1988 and won the Karate championship in the meantime at Asaka City of Japan. Subsequently, Lam had won many types of Martial Art Contest ever since.

Mr. Gary Lam was previously trained by the well-known instructor, Tommy Yuen, a famous Ving Tsun grandmaster. Ultimately, Lam became a qualified Ving Tsun instructor of Ving Tsun Athletic Association in 2007 (also became Senior Instructor in 2019)and launched seminars in Germany with Tommy Yuen. Lam has good knowledge and many years coaching experience in Martial Art. Lam was also taught the speciality of 'Baat Jaam Dou' (Eight Chopping Knives) by Sifu Yuen.

Course Introduction
Course Speciality

1. Build up a strong body, improve self-defence techniques in a short period.

2. Through the 'Chi Sau'(sticky hands) training, improves body strength, speed up the fighting responsiveness, mind concentration and strong stance for fitness.

3. After a period of time training of Ving Tsun forms, you will obtain good body balance, good centre line attack and defence.

4. 6.5 pole, wooden dummy and eight chopping knives could be learnt for the intermediate students and advance students, in terms of improve the speed, footwork, internal power, elbow power and better stance position.

5. Different languages could be used for different student's nationality, which included English, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin. Private lesson also available.

Course Information

1. Class Schedule:

Monday 7-9pm (ShenZhen Futian)
Wednesday 7-9m (ShenZhen Nanshan)
Friday 530-630pm (ShenZhen Futian Kids Class)
Saturday 10-12pm (ShenZhen Futien)
Sunday10-12pm(Hong Kong Shatin City One)

2. 地點 (Location):


福田福中路317号黄埔雅苑会所三楼(2, 3号线福田站31号出口)

Huang Pu Ya Yuan Club House 3/FL, 317 Fuzhong Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen (31 exit,Futian Station, Line 2 or 3)
(地圖 Map) :


深圳市南山区香山东街华侨城创意文化园北区A5栋134号 (1号线侨城东站A出口)

No. 134, Building A5, North District, OCT Loft, Nanshan, Shenzhen. (Line 1 Qiaocheng East Station A exit)
(地圖 Map) :


福田福中路317号黄埔雅苑会所三楼(2, 3号线福田站31号出口)

Huang Pu Ya Yuan Club House 3/FL, 317 Fuzhong Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen (31 exit,Futian Station, Line 2 or 3)
(地圖 Map) :


福田福中路317号黄埔雅苑会所三楼(2, 3号线福田站31号出口)

Huang Pu Ya Yuan Club House 3/FL, 317 Fuzhong Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen (31 exit,Futian Station, Line 2 or 3)
(地圖 Map) :

星期日 (Sunday)


4/F., Fortune City One Plus, 2 Ngan Shing Street, Shatin, N.T. (Ma On Shan Line-City One C Exit)
(地圖 Map) :

3. Tuition : Contact the instructor

4. Instructor : Gary Lam (BSc)

5. Contact :

HK Tel : 852 6088 6238 (Gary Lam)
China Tel : 8613068 414128 (Gary Lam)
Email : garylam@onemindvingtsun.com
Wechat : onekungfu or VingTsunGary
Public Wechat : omvt2010
QQ number : 2779639146
Face Book : Gary Lam
Instagram: vingtsungary
Website : www.onemindvingtsun.com
Instructor Profile

1. Qualified Senior Instructor of Ving Tsun Athletic Association (2019)

2. Champion of Sword Performance of Martial Arts contest of Shatin Festival (2011)

3. Qualified Instructor of Ving Tsun Athletic Association (2007)

4. Certificate of Baat Jaam Dou in Yuen Yim Keung Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association (2007)

5. Qualified referee of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association 2019 Referee Development Course (2019)

6. Black Belt First Degree of Shito Ryu Karate, Karate Renmei of Japan (1988)

7. Champion of 11th Karate Combat Contest of Asaka City, Japan (1988)

8. Best Karate Form player of 11th Karate Contest of Asaka City, Japan (1988)

9. 2nd runner up of Karate Combat Contest of Inuma City, Japan (1988)

Contact Me

Contact Me

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